The History of the Company

We are a small family business which started from a desire to know where our food came from.


We bought the farm in 2005 as 46 acres of bare land and commenced to feel our way as to which direction we wanted to go. Our first venture was to buy a couple of pigs to grow on for slaughter and from then we were off.


Early on we made the decision that as we are only a small farm we would follow the Rare Breed route as we fully believe the ethos that, unless these animals are farmed, these breeds will be lost.


We now have 3 breeding Berkshire sows and Paddington our Berkshire breeding male who give us a litter of piglets every year, a small flock of Portland sheep, a herd of Boer goats and bees.


We attend Deal, Ashford, Marden and Cranbrook Farmers Markets every month to sell our produce.