February 2018

We are just about to start kidding and are expecting 68 boer goat kids along with Feather (one of our Berkshire sows)is due to produce her piglets any day.

We are at Hythe farmers market on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month


March 2017


So we are in the middle of lambing our small flock - 8 arrived and 8 to go. Seem to be one a day - all healthy so far.


We are due to start kidding on 10th April


The Berkshire piglets are 4 months old now so we will be thinking of starting to send these off next month.


Our markets this month are Deal on 4th, Ashford on 5th, Hawkinge on 11th, Marden on 12th and Cranbrook on 25th

November 2015

So here we are in November already. We have no idea were the time has gone.

Our big news is that piggy sue has had her litter last night of 12 piglets. Wow she is amazing!

We are seeing the interest in goat meat soar. From local restaurants and pubs using the boned and rolled joints for their Sunday roasts or diced to add a new meat to their curry nights and the goat sausage as a new and exciting twist on the traditional sausage and mash. If you are a interested in trying some for your self go to the contact link for full details.   

Hope you are all having and exciting November and we shall touch base and update you all in December.  


We are in the middle of kidding and lambing at present.

We have some beautiful Boer kids with boys outnumbering girls at 15 to 9 at present. 3 more girls to kid

Lambing only 3 have arrived so far with 11 left to go

Feather our Berkshire gilt is due any day. We are waiting with anticipation in the hope she is as good as her mum - Piggy Sue

You can find us at Ashford and Deal farmers markets on the first Saturday and Sunday in the month and Cranbrook and Bearsted Green farmers markets on the 4th Saturday and Sunday of the month. You can pre-book your orders for collection to ensure that we have not sold out of what you are looking for and collect from us on the day. Email or ring us with your requirements


Christmas is just round the corner so we are taking orders for turkeys, goat, lamb and pork joints, hams and suckling pig all ready for Christmas

We will be at Deal and Cranbrook on 20th December and Bearsted and Ashford on 21st December where you can pick your orders up from or we will be delivering in Gravesend and Folkestone areas on 22nd and 23rd December

Email us your orders


Piggy sue kept us on our toes by not giving birth until 10.10.14 where she gave us 9 girls and 4 boys. All doing really well.

We have been busy attending more farmers markets. We can now be found on the 1st week end of the month at Deal on Saturday morning and Ashford on Sunday as well as Cranbrook and Bearsted on the 4th weekend of the month


Having had a busy summer making hay, having a new barn erected and an improved roadway put into the farm we are now getting all the goats and sheep ready to go back in with the Buck and Ram - so providing all goes well we will be kidding and lambing earlier this year in February.


Piggy Sue our Berkshire sow is due to give birth in September. Two of her piglets from the last litter won firsts at Heathfield and a first and third at the Great Yorkshire show. We are very proud of her.


The Oxford Sandy Black piglets will be old enough to go to the abbatoir next month - so we will be taking orders for half a pig for the freezer - don't take too long as they go fast.


We have been accepted for a stall at Ashford Farmers Market this coming Sunday - 7th September and we will be at Cranbrook on 27th September and Bearsted on 28th September. For the markets at the end of the month we will have a new flavour goat sausage - Red Wine and Rosemary along with fresh mutton and pork.


Dave Luckhurst, our local butcher in the village, prepares all our meat and sausages for us, and makes a fantastic job of it.


Come and find us at these markets - all have some lovely stalls and make a great morning out.



Freckles gave birth to 13 piglets - these will be available for sale as weaners at the end of May.


We also have lots of Portland lambs and Boer goat kids running about.


We are at Cranbrook Farmers Market on Saturday 26th April and Bearsted Farmers Market on Sunday 27th April where we will have our new range of Turkey,Bacon and Leek sausages for sale






We are at Cranbrook Farmers Market on Saturday 22nd March and Bearsted Farmers Market on Sunday 23rd March with our goat cuts, sausage and burgers along with Mutton from our Portland Sheep on Sunday


Last week of the month we start kidding and lambing so will be very hectic here but a lovely time as well.


Freckles our Oxford Sandy Black pig is also due to give birth on 31st


We are now taking orders for Easter Turkeys





Piggy Sue's piglets are all growing well. 9 are reserved which leaves 3 boys and a girl to supply our meat orders on a few months time.


We have a new range of goat sausages and burgers as our offer this month for you to try.


Finally there seems to be a let up of rain allowing the ground to dry out a bit so Freda will not be bringing quite so much mud into the house. Her Newfoundland blood thinks she is a sponge and must sit in every muddy puddle going!!

January 2014

Happy New Year to one and all.


We are at Sutton Valence market on 18th January and Bearsted on 26th January. Hope the weather is kind to us


Piggy Sue our favourite Berkshire mum gave birth to 13 lovely piglets this morning (17th Jan)


All  beekeepers out there - have you hefted your hives?

Ours were light so we have fed with fondant this week.